Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Signs of Spring...

Robins are singing ... what signs of spring are YOU observing? {Image credit (c) Ken and Nyetta, 2015 via Creative Commons}

Spring has sprung...

With the weather near 90 degrees yesterday, we have been enjoying hearing robins singing and other signs of spring nature activities the past few days. Open windows, fresh air, and daffodils... ahhh...

I spent some time taking inventory of our science plans for the spring, and wanted to share a few of the resources I was mulling over today:

If you're into citizen science projects, Journey North has some excellent lessons and projects you can do. The fun part is being able to say you are working on real research projects with people from all over the world! Check out the robins, songbirds and tulip test garden projects ~ even download their mobile app so you can log in observations on all the signs of spring while you're on the go in your area!

The Outdoor Hour Challenge provides great links to printables and resources to use in nature study. A free subscription gets you the monthly newsletter delivered right to your inbox. This month's focus is on spring ephemerals and other early spring wildflowers that are signs of spring in so many parts of the United States. Consider a membership to gain access to enough materials to fill your science needs for the entire year, for the whole family.

We're also creating a unit on crystals for this month... Stay tuned for more details!

What signs of spring are you observing now?

Leave a comment below, and tell me how you know that spring is on the way, where you live!


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