Homeschool Schedules

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Creating Order from (Mental) Chaos

Do you ever feel like you have so many ideas your brain is going to explode?

Planning for homeschool is like that for me. I read from the blogs of my other homeschooling friends, and go -- "OOH! I'm going to do that next!" So many starts and stops. Then I get discouraged with myself. Sigh.

Sooooo... I am the kind of person who takes comfort in a schedule. Not an "It is 7:35 and I will now do handwriting practice for 5 minutes" kind of schedule. But at least a road map. So I know what street to get back on if I take a detour. Or a rest break.

About Our Schedules

I do not believe in re-inventing things. So many of my schedules are adaptations (or direct borrowing!) from other homeschoolers and people who like to bring order to their thinking and day.

I can say that most of these schedules have been modified as we went along, because life happens, and also because sometimes the homeschool mom REALLY wants to delve into zoology (a real example), while the homeschool child groans and pleads for more time to explore the weaponry of the Middle Ages (another real example). That's why they're road maps, not directions.

Some of the schedules have links to related posts showing some of our work on selected lessons, or additional lesson plans and more detailed schedules. You will also find lots of links to the resources we used -- homeschoolers are awesome at sharing. Most of the materials are free, but, if I developed something big that wasn't there before, you might be directed to my store.

You are welcome to download and use any of the printables, including the schedules (I print them out and bind them right in the front of my homemade workbooks, or place them in the front pocket of my notebooks). If you share, please do not share the .pdf directly, but share the address or pin of the post where you found the file.

The Homeschool Schedules

Here are the homeschool schedules that I have used or have available, to date. Please check back regularly, as I am working on putting together my Year 6 schedules this winter, and should have much more available before the end of this school year -- great for planning next year! Clicking on a link will take you to a post or page where that schedule is outlined further, or the other resource that I used. Have fun!



  • Zoology I (based on Exploring Creation with Zoology I: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day)

Social Studies

Language Arts


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