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Starting School Smoothly: Tuesday Review {Aug 30}

Starting School Off Right ~ Science Tips, Strategies and Resources

By now, most of you are back in the classroom, either preparing for the arrival of students, or greeting them during their first week. Starting school off right is a goal for all of us, whether teaching at home or in a school building. So, here are some helpful posts on starting school on the right foot.

It's Back to School Week! Starting school smoothly is easy with these tips. {Photo via Creative Commons}

Back to School with Science

First, its important to remember that Back to School week can be stressful for children -- and adults! In "Back to School: Are YOU Ready?" I shared tips from psychologists on how to make the transition from summer to school year smooth and peaceful.

Next, we need to get our students hooked into the school year. Being a science lover, I always liked to use science as a Back to School hook. In "Get Started Teaching Science: You, Too, Can Be a Science Teacher!" I offer ten easy ways to choose science topics that will engage your students and start school off on a science note.

Then, we check our materials. Teachers often start school off with the earth sciences. Check out "Earth Science Strategies, Pt I: Using Models" for suggestions on classroom supplies every early childhood classroom should have when teaching geology and geography.

Now, it's time to plan. I love organizational tools, and know you do, too. So, download my FREE Science Unit Planner to help you organize your science lessons. Or, if you like to study apples in September, here is my botany e-book, "A is for Apples" (13 pages, $1.95).

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Teach land and water features using outdoor walks and models. {Photo credit (c) Kim M. Bennett, 2015}

Ministry News

We know that starting school can be stressful for families who can't afford school clothes for their children. In order to help ease this stress, our Christian Kindness in Action Ministry recently sponsored two events. These events helped families find low-cost or no-cost solutions to the school clothes dilemma.

~ Our first event was our Annual Upper Room Christian Center Community Tag Sale, where families could find school and church clothing for infants through adults. Families could fill a bag of baby clothes for $5 or purchase a backpack for $0.25. Grown-ups could go home with a $5 pair of jeans, or a men's suit for $10. {Proceeds went to our Christian Education Department, for purchasing desks and chairs for our new Education Building}. In addition to helping families start school with the right gear, this event allowed community members to showcase their own businesses by renting a booth.

~ Next, we gave. Twice a year, we sponsor a Clothing Give-away.  We gave away strollers, shoes, fall jackets... even soccer cleats! See for yourself!

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