Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Welcome to "A Child's Garden!"

Hello, friend! My name is Kim, and I am so glad you stopped in at "The Garden."

What You'll Find in "A Child's Garden..."
"Ants, Termites and Ant Lions"
Here on my blog, I will share a lot about me, my family, and the things that make my heart glad!
  • ideas and plans for homeschoolers, including sample schedules
  • tips on balancing homeschool, home life and a home-based business
  • celebrations of our spiritual life as missionaries
  • helpful hints and articles for being a better science teacher, including a list of nature study ideas
  • posts on ways to teach history through a hobby (in our case, geneology)
  • free stuff, stuff for sale, and so much more!
"Hummingbird (Sphinx) Moths"

 On occasion, your journey might take you temporarily out of the "Garden," onto one of my other websites. Fear not! You can use your back button to get back to the "Garden" from the other website.{This is only a temporary situation as I reorganize my posts from my blogs ~ thank you for your patience!}

Keep scrolling through this welcome page to see what examples of what you can find on my website! {Don't forget to check out the sidebars for some other great content and links, too!}

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